Nurani grama samudayam
nurani village, palakkad

Cremation Ground

Nurani’s Cremation ground was on the bank of Kannadi river 35 years ago. It was a herculean task to reach there carrying the dead bodies.The path was between paddy fields 3 feet wide and slippery. There was no shelter for sun or rain at the site. The people of the village was struggling very much to walk the distance of two kilometers.

Then samudayam committee purchased a ground of 40 cents near Malampuzha canal, 0.5 kilometers away from the village. License was obtained from the Muncipality for cremation. It was registered as Nurani Thondikulam private cremation ground in 1971. There is no other cremation ground within Palakkad Municipality so convenient.

Facilities are also arranged to conduct obsequies at Aparakriya Bhavan constructed by the Samudayam. This Bhavan was completely sponsored by Late Kollengode Mani Iyer.