Nurani grama samudayam
nurani village, palakkad

Grand Feast

All the devotees are served in the special pandal and also at every nook and corner of the temple simultaneously by the efficient groups of volunteers of all ages. The typical menu for the feast contains 5 types of Payasams – Chathachathayam, Paruppu Pradhaman, Chakkara Pongal, Palpayasam, and Adaprathaman. 5 types of pickles – Lime, Nellikka, Vadukapuli, Mangakary, Pulyinchi. 5 Types of fried chips – Chena , Chembu varuthathu, Nenthrakkaya varuthathu, Sarkkaravatti, Sarkkaraupperi besides Pachadi, Curry, Avial, Olan, edichakkathoran, Valiya pappadam, Cheru pappadam etc.

The feast and poor feeding will continue till 6.00 pm. The villagers clean the premises inside and outside the temple and they are given special tea in coconut shell and honored by the samudayam for the selfless work by granting light and melam for taking bath in the village pond. The villagers in large numbers go round the street singing and dancing dressed in different attires in joy to the merriment of the onlookers. The temple will be opened at about 9 p.m. after cleaning.