Nurani grama samudayam
nurani village, palakkad


Sree Sarada Sankara Kalyana Mandapam came into existence by the persistent efforts of Late. N.P.Rama Iyer, N.P.Venkatarama Iyer N.S.Seshan Iyer (Seshunna), K.H.Srinivasa Iyer. Our former Pesident Sri N.N.Ramachandran was also actively involved in this. A special general body meeting was convened and the matter was discussed in detail and a Kalyanamandapa Nirmana Samithi was formed as follows.

Nirmana Samithi was formed as follows:-
Sri. K.H. Srinivasa Iyer - President
Sri. N. Ramachandra Iyer - Vice President
Sri. N.P. Venkatarama Iyer - Treasurer
Sri. N.N. Ramachandran and Sri. N.P. choodamani- Secretaries.

ri. N.M. Padmanabha Iyer, Sri. N.H. Ramakrishna Iyer, Sri. N.S.Seshaiyer, Sri. N.V.Subramanian, Sri. N.H. Krishna Swamy, Sri. N.R. Venkata Krishnan were the other members.

Sri. N.P. Rama Iyer was in charge of construction and Sri. N.P. Rama Iyer (Senior) was engineer in charge.

Foundation was laid in Septemebr 1965 at the ground of samudayam left over after the construction of the Ganapathy temple. Donation was started at the Sannidhi of Lord Bala Maha Ganapathy and donation on the spot reached Rs. 40,000. There was some confusion regarding the name. Some members went to Salem by car where H.H. Sri. Abhinavavidya Theertha Swamigal of Sringeri for camping and sought his blessings. He enquired what our estimate was and we replied it was one Lakh. He asked to start the construction without fear and sum of Rs. 3000 was paid by Sringeri Math. He suggested to name the Mandapam as Sree Sarada Sankara Kalyana Mandapam and it was adhered to. It was completed and opened on 1st February, 1967. The mandapam was constructed mainly to find out ways and means to see that the Nityanidhanam in all the four temples of the village go on uninterruptedly. Let us be proud of the first and foremost kalyana mandapam of the town. Let us always remember the promoters for centuries to come.

For conducting small functions like Poonal, Seemantham etc. a house towards the western part of Mandapam was purchased and remodeled it into a small mandapam. A comparatively lower charge is collected for this annex building and all facilities are provided here