Nurani grama samudayam
nurani village, palakkad

Coconut Breaking (Soorai)

Before any auspicious occasion like Marriage etc. or for speedy recovery from illness or fulfillment of any wish, villagers all over usually keep a token of amount before the picture of the Lord at their respective houses towards breaking of 108 coconuts as an offering. Majority of the people take Sasthapreethi as an opportune moment to discharge their commitment. Thousands of coconuts arrive at the temple from 9.00 pm onwards. There will be Kramarchana and Aashirvadam at SASTHA SANNIDHI and the participants will be paid Dakshina. Abhisheka Panchamritham will be distributed to all for their enjoyment. These coconuts are smashed on the ground by the Komarams or volunteers blessed by the Komarams. The broken coconuts and shells are collected in the corner and auctioned to the public the next day. It fetches good revenue to the temple. This spectacular sight is unique and many assemble to watch the event.

After midnight on Sasthapreethi day, there is a KOODIKAZHCHA between the harijans and villagers. Prasadam is exchanged between our Komaram and their Velichapadu Desavalli is paid to the rightful residents in the harijan colony and are given a portion of all items prepared for Sasthapreethi. The function concludes with Pirivu Thengai.

On next day (Sunday) auction of various left out items is held in which all the villagers vie with one another to get the items without minding the auction money to give the highest donation to the Lord.

At night, Vanji Pattu commences. After 4 pradhakshinams in the temple, all assemble at the SASTHA SANNIDHI and all the songs are sung as usual. After Deeparadhana a brief account of income and expenditure of Sasthapreethi and all connected functions is read and presented. The bhagavathars, komarams, melakkars, kazhakam and pattali are honoured by giving 2 coconuts, a bunch of plantain fruit and kathirkoodu. Archakars are accompanied by all villagers along with nadaswaran melam to their houses. They welcome the villagers and honour them by distributing sweets etc.